JD Chakravathy Opens Up About Marrying Vishnu Priya

Actor JD Chakravarthy has firmly denied the rumors surrounding his engagement to actress Vishnu Priyaa and clarified that they are not in a romantic relationship.

Despite the significant 17-year age gap between JD Chakravarthy, 53, and Vishnu Priyaa, 36, it is worth noting that age differences are no longer perceived as obstacles in the film industry. This can be seen with the recent example of Naresh, 61, and Pavitra Lokesh, 45, who have started living together despite their age difference.

Speculations about JD Chakravarthy and Vishnu Priyaa’s potential marriage began circulating after Vishnu Priyaa openly expressed her admiration for him during a talk show. She openly admitted her fondness for JD.

However, JD Chakravarthy, who is divorced from his wife Anukriti, has categorically denied any romantic involvement with Vishnu Priyaa. He clarified that their relationship is solely professional, as they are co-stars in the upcoming web series “Dayaa,” directed by Pavan Sadineni.