Is simplicity defined only by clothes: Superstar

While promoting his latest movie 2.0 that is slated for release in November end, Superstar Rajinikanth spoke extensively about the film and also himself in a Tamil interview. He was very appreciative of his co-artists – Amy and Akshay Kumar and the director – Shankar.

He hailed Shankar as a very good actor and jokingly said he was glad Shankar became a director or else it would have been very tough for artists to compete against Shankar. There was a time when he would look at the hoardings and yearn for his poster to be put up there. However, when it actually happened, it did not make him too happy.

When the anchor spoke about his simplicity, Rajini said he doesn’t understand why people think of him that way. “I drive around in a BMW. Go to 5-star and 7-star hotels. I live in Poes Garden. How can I be a simple person when I am enjoying all these luxuries? Does only clothing defines a person’s simplicity?”, said the actor.

Rajinikanth also revealed his favorite song to be “Ponal pogattum poda” from the yesteryears Tamil movie “Palum Pazhamum”. It is a very philosophical song.

Initially, Robot 2.0 did not have any songs planned. However, ended up having four superhit numbers crooned by the most talented A R Rahman. The trailer is ruling the charts as most viewed.

Wishing the Robot 2.0 team the very best!

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