Is Pawan Kalyan Divorcing His Third Wife?

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan who took a plunge into politics is getting criticized repeatedly for his multiple marriages. Of late, a rumor has been circulating on social media and some YouTube channels that Pawan Kalyan is divorcing his current and third wife Anna Lezhneva.

There’s also news that the case is filed in the Nampally Court of Hyderabad. However, it is confirmed as fake news. The marital bond between Pawan and Anna Lezhneva is still strong, and the news is nothing but a fake spread by mischievous individuals.

Pawan Kalyan who was married to Nandini divorced her and had a live-in relationship with actress Renu Desai after falling in love with her during the filming of the Badri movie. She married her after a few years of relationship and divorced Renu Desai. Now, he’s with the Russian wife Anna Lezhneva whom she met during the shooting of the Teen Maar movie.

Pawan Kalyan has a son Akira Nandan and daughter Aadhya with Renu Desai. He has a daughter Polena Anjana Pawanonva and a son Mark Shankar Pawanovich with his third wife.