Impact Of Glass Tumbler In Telangana’s Election Drama

In the upcoming Telangana elections, the Janasena party, recognized by its glass tumbler symbol, is collaborating with BJP but contesting only a few seats. In Greater Hyderabad, Prema Kumar from Janasena is contesting from Kukatpally, while in other areas, candidates are using Pawan Kalyan’s images in their campaigns.

However, confusion arises in Munugode as an independent candidate, Hari Prasad, was given the glass tumbler symbol, causing a headache for the BJP. Janasena supports BJP candidates in most constituencies except for Kodada in combined Nalgonda.

The worry now is that voters might mistake the independent candidate’s glass tumbler symbol for Janasena, potentially affecting BJP’s prospects. To address this, some BJP candidates are emphasizing Janasena’s support and using campaign shawls featuring both parties’ symbols. This situation poses a challenge for BJP due to the independent candidate in Munugode using the same symbol as Janasena, potentially confusing voters and impacting BJP’s performance.