I Was Stupid, Says Anasusya

Anasuya Bharadwaj, a prominent actress in Telugu cinema, is known for her outspoken and active presence on social media, often finding herself embroiled in controversies. When asked about her tendency to stir up controversies through her social media posts, she candidly addressed the issue.

“To be honest, I’ve sometimes acted foolishly on social media. I may not have been wrong, but I admit I’ve been foolish. Not many people have the same outspoken attitude to react as I do. I tend to respond instantly, and that has led me into controversies,” Anasuya explained.

Regarding a recent viral and controversial video where she was seen crying intensely, Anasuya provided some context:

“I had a deeply emotional moment personally. Our pet parrot had become accustomed to our home and was a beloved companion of both my elder son and me. However, when I had to travel abroad, and my son went to school, the pet parrot became anxious and bit my diabetic mother and uncle, causing wounds that were difficult to heal. So, I had to make the painful decision to give the pet parrot away. It felt like parting with a child. That’s why I posted the video.”