I Never Wanted To Be Star Says Telugu Hero

Nani, the Natural Star, takes the lead in the romantic drama “Hi Nanna,” directed by Shouryuv. Some raised eyebrows at Nani’s shift from the rustic vibe of “Dasara” to a more refined genre. In an interview addressing this, Nani clarified that he never intended to pigeonhole himself in specific film types.

He drew a parallel, saying, “Had Chiranjeevi Garu solely focused on mass films post-‘Khaidi,’ his diverse filmography wouldn’t have been as revered. Chiranjeevi Garu’s varied choices across genres earned him immense respect from all audiences.”

Nani emphasized his aspiration for a meaningful filmography, stating, “I’m not aiming to be a big star. What matters to me are films that leave a lasting impact. I wish for my movies to resonate with audiences long after they’ve watched them. I’m not comparing myself to Chiranjeevi Garu; I’m merely drawing from his example.”