Heroine’s Live-in Relationship With a Foreigner

Live-in relationships have become quite common these days and some actresses are turning pregnant even before marriage. John Abraham and Bipasha Basu were in a relationship for a long time before they parted ways. Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor dated for a few years before getting hitched and Alia turned pregnant before she got married.

However, Tollywood celebrities hardly opened up about their relationships. Now, there’s a rumor making the rounds about a senior Tollywood actress. Though she’s in demand even now, the actress is staying away from movies and is more into spirituality these days.

The actress who often goes on foreign trips seems to have found love in a foreigner and they both have been living together in her house. There are rumors that she stopped taking acting assignments so as to keep herself and her relationship away from the media and public glare.

Sources say that their family members are okay with her decision to have a companion. An official announcement about their relationship is yet to be made by the actress.