Hello Baby Poster Launched By Directors Association President Veera Shankar.

Skml Motion Pictures Produced by Kandregula Adhi Narayana directed by Ram Gopal Ratnam made this film Hello Baby which is First Indian Hacking Movie With Solo Character.

This movie poster has been launched by directors association president veera Shankar who told poster looks like Hollywood movie.

Always people encourage new concept films as I know producer well who is always passionate about making new concepts.

I wish this movie will be grand success and wishing the team.

Kandregula Adhinarayana told this is the first movie in India where the total content revolves around the hacking that too with solo character.

He praised heroine Kavya Keerthi who acted very well and cameraman Ramana k Naidu for his splendid work , Sukumar pammi gave music and Sai Ram tatipalli is the editor for this movie.

Hello Baby is going to release soon in the theatres.