Finally, Son of India makes it into OTT

Senior hero, Mohan Babu, who is fondly called as ‘Dialoge King’ for his modulations has been entertaining since over 45 years with a wide variety of roles. The legendary actor who delivered some of the biggest blockbusters like Assembly Rowdy, Pedarayudu is not at his best since the past few years.

Mohan Babu has cut down films and did Son of India movie after a long gap with tons of hopes on the movie. The movie which created initial buzz has however failed leave any impact at the box-office. The movie tanked miserably making it the biggest disasters of all-time.

With the movie turning out a disaster in theaters, the makers have released it on Amazon Prime two days ago. Directed by Diamond Ratnababu, the movie has Srikanth, Sunil, Vennela Kishore, Ali, and Meena in other roles. Let’s hope this movie does well at least on Amazon Prime OTT.a