Fans Request To Pawan Kalyan

There have been glimpses of Pawan Kalyan donning a martial arts attire for his latest film “OG” (Original Gangster). However, close friends and fans suggest that this may not be the case.

While Pawan Kalyan has previously portrayed characters involved in martial arts, the circumstances were different back then. Presently, things have changed.

The passage of time has brought about certain challenges. Pawan Kalyan, like anyone else, has experienced the effects of aging, resulting in a decrease in his agility on-screen. Furthermore, his involvement in politics has also affected his fitness levels.

Considering these factors, it is possible that the martial arts appearance is solely for promotional purposes. However, his devoted fans express their reservations, stating that if such scenes are to be included in the actual movie, it might not be well-received.

Reports suggest that Pawan Kalyan is putting in significant effort for the film “Ozzy.” He has already filmed action sequences for his upcoming movie “Hari Hara Veeramallu” and has been actively involved in intense fight sequences.

To ascertain the extent of the powerful action that will be showcased in “Ozzy,” we must patiently await its release.