Fans Frustrated With Balakrishna

It may come as a surprise, but Balakrishna and Nandamuri are considered synonymous by many fans. However, there is also a dedicated fan base exclusively for Balayya, and this particular group of fans is disappointed with his decision. For most Nandamuri and Sr NTR fans, Balayya is seen as the heir and leader of the Nandamuri clan. While some claim that NTR is the rightful heir to the Nandamuri throne, recent issues and past conflicts have raised doubts about whether he is universally accepted as the heir by all sections of fans and even by Balayya himself.

Now, let’s focus on the main topic at hand, which is the entry of the third generation of the Nandamuri family, Nandamuri Mokshagna, the son of Nandamuri Balakrishna. Rumors have been circulating for the past ten years, ever since the release of Balayya’s film “Legend,” that Mokshagna will make his onscreen debut under the direction of Boyapati. There were reports suggesting that Balayya himself would launch Mokshagna in a sequel to his cult film “Aditya 369.” However, none of these plans materialized.

Mokshagna is now nearing 30 years of age, which is considered the prime time for any aspiring hero. Fans eagerly await his debut and are frustrated with Balayya for delaying his son’s launch. They wonder why it is taking so long for Balayya to introduce Mokshagna. It is worth noting that Balayya himself made his entry into films at a young age, thanks to his father, Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, who gave him roles in his films during his childhood. Superstar Krishna also launched Mahesh as a child actor, and even Nandamuri Kalyan Ram acted alongside Balayya as a child actor in “Thalli – Thandrulu.” Jr NTR made his film debut in his grandfather NTR’s “Brahmarshi Viswamithra” and played a full-length role as a child actor in “Bala Ramayanam.”

Furthermore, Chiranjeevi introduced his son Ram Charan at the right age, and he has now become one of the biggest stars in India, especially with the success of “RRR.” Nagarjuna also brought both his sons into the film industry, with Chaitanya having completed more than a decade as a hero and Akhil already having starred in five films. This raises the question of what is preventing Balakrishna from launching his son, which is a source of frustration for Nandamuri fans. Some of them have openly expressed their anger on social media regarding Balayya’s decision. Let’s hope that an official announcement regarding Mokshagna’s entry into films will be made on NBK’s birthday on June 10th.