Director Surender Reddy Grabs A Jackpot

Director Surender Reddy has had an interesting journey in the film industry. While he has had the privilege of directing several star heroes, his success rate has been somewhat inconsistent. He made a strong debut with ‘Athanokkade,’ but then faced setbacks with consecutive disappointments like ‘Ashok’ and ‘Athidhi.’ However, he managed to bounce back with the success of ‘Kick,’ only to face another setback with ‘Oosaravelli.’

After the sensational hit of ‘Race Gurram,’ he had a mixed track record with ‘Kick 2’ being a disappointment but ‘Dhruva’ turning into a hit. Unfortunately, his last two films, ‘Syeraa’ and ‘Agent,’ failed to meet expectations. While ‘Syeraa’ managed to achieve average grosses, ‘Agent’ was a complete disaster.

Just when it seemed like Surender Reddy might struggle to secure another project, a surprising rumor has emerged. It’s believed that he may soon collaborate with Pawan Kalyan. However, given Pawan Kalyan’s busy schedule with multiple film commitments and political responsibilities, there’s a possibility that Surender Reddy might instead direct Ram Charan in the near future. Considering the success they had together with ‘Dhruva,’ it appears that Ram Charan is open to working with him again. Fans eagerly await an official announcement regarding this exciting development.