Director Still Supports His Insulting Comments On KGF

Prashant Neel’s KGF starring Yash has become one of the biggest commercial hits in Indian cinema. In fact, it’s the first Kannada movie to cross 100 crores in collections and put the Kannada film industry on par with the other film industries.

Though KGF is out and out of the commercial cinema, none have criticized the movie. But, the young director Venkatesh Maha, of C/o Kancharapalem fame has faced criticism and backlash for using insensitive language in his recent comments about commercial cinema, particularly KGF, during a director’s roundtable discussion. Fans of KGF and movie lovers expressed their displeasure on social media, causing a hashtag with Venkatesh Maha’s name to trend on Twitter.

Venkatesh Maha has since released a video apology on Twitter, expressing regret for his choice of language but standing by his opinion. He clarified that he did not target any specific language or movie. It remains to be seen if his apology will be accepted and if the controversy will come to a close.