Director Nandini Reddy Apologizes

During a recent YouTube interview, director Venkatesh Maha made fun of the “KGF” franchise for its unrealistic scenes. While some other directors present, including Nandini Reddy, Vivek Athreya, and Indraganti Mohana Krishna, joined in the laughter, Venkatesh Maha continued to criticize Prashanth Neel’s direction and storytelling.

However, social media users were quick to call out Venkatesh Maha’s comments, pointing out that he is struggling to make a new film while making lofty claims.

She wrote on Twitter, “Every commercial film which has become a success is bec the audience hs loved something in tht effort . The conversation was nvr meant 2deride anyones work but rathr hv a positive debate on what cn diversify the narrative of “commercial cinema”. Apologies fr any offence caused.”

In fact, none of these directors have made it big in the film industry though they have made some decent entertainers.