Did Sai Pallavi Get Married Secretly?

A recent viral picture of actress Sai Pallavi sparked a frenzy of speculation among fans who believed she had secretly tied the knot. Many well-wishers rushed to offer their congratulations, unaware of the true context behind the photograph. However, this rumor quickly spread like wildfire on social media, leaving some fans in disbelief.

In reality, the viral image is a snapshot from the movie puja of Sai Pallavi’s upcoming Tamil film ‘SK 21’, where she can be seen wearing a garland alongside the film’s director, Rajkumar Periyasamy. Therefore, reports of Sai Pallavi’s wedding are entirely false and without foundation.

It’s worth noting that ‘SK 21’ is set against a backdrop of war, offering a different cinematic experience for Sai Pallavi’s fans. Additionally, she has also signed up for another project with Naga Chaitanya, directed by Chandoo Mondeti.