Did Ram Charan insult National Flag

Individuals of the nation are celebrating the 75th Independence day and amidst this load of stunning bits of gossip are spreading that Mega Power Star Ram Charan offended the tricolor. This might make individuals question how could Ram Charan who is featuring in a patriotic entertainer RRR alongside NTR directed by Rajamouli insult the tricolor.

It is realized that Ram Charan is the brand ambassador for Happy Mobiles. The organization came with a full-page advertisement on Independence Day with Ram Charan holding the Indian flag. Be that as it may, individuals blamed Ram Charan for offending the tricolor as the banner didn’t have the Ashoka Chakra in the center.

As per the National Flag Act, of 2002, showing the flag without Ashoka Chakra is wrongdoing. Anyway, Happy Mobiles reacting to the debate clarified the promotion explained that for ads one can utilize an image similar to a national flag and it’s anything but a crime. It must be seen if the debate will end here or not.