Dia Review

Cast: Kushee Ravi, Pruthvi Ambar, Dheekshith Shetty,Pavithra Lokesh, Arvind Rao,Rajesh Rao,Jyothi Rai,Chandan Ravandur, Gokul Chakravarthy,Rakesh Srinivas,Darshan Apoorva, Rudwin and others
Music: N.Ajaneesh Loknath
Cinematography:Vishal Vittal,Sourabh Waghmare
Editing: Naveen Raj
Producers: D.Krishna Chaitanya
Banner: Sri Swarnalatha Productions
Release: August 20,2021

Behind The Screens

Ashoka who made his debut with the horror flick 6-5=2 came to entertain movie lovers with the romantic flim Dia. Let us see what Dia offers to movie lovers on the silver screen.

Story Line

An introvert, Dia Swaroop (Kushee Ravi) pursuing Biotechnology, falls in love with Rohit (Dheekshith Shetty), who completed M.Tech. But their romantic life becomes short-lived when they suffers a near-fatal accident. Dia gets even bigger shock when she opens her eyes in the hospital. To findout more about it, watch Dia on the silver screen.

Star Shine

Kushi Ravi lived in the role of Dia. She stole the hearts of all touching the emotional chords with her gripping performance. She looked natural and realistic and performed showcasing the right kind of expressions and emotions in her role. Dheeksith Shetty complimented her perfectly as Dia’s lover, Rohit. The scenes involving both of them are the highlight of the film and are most beautifully shot. The chemistry between Kushee Ravi and Dheekshith Shetty made a powerful impact on the viewers and pierced the hearts of all those in love.

Others like Pavitra Lokesh, Prithvi Ambar came with impressive performances. , Arvind Rao, Rajesh Rao, Jyothi Rai, Chandan Ravandur, Gokul Chakravarthy, Rakesh Srinivas, Darshan Apoorva, Rudwin performed their roles accordingly.


Director Ashoka came with a completely different love story to pierce the hearts of all. He came with a touching and powerful story and narrated it in an interesting and thrilling manner. He wove a web of magic with his screenplay and took the viewers into the story with his direction. He highlighted different kinds of emotions when two people are in love and how introverts react when they suffer heartbreaks. The film has only three characters but the director came with powerful roles and established them so that viewers never get bored.

He got the optimum out of the cast and crew and backed with the strong story and aided by the powerful and impactful screenplay and the direction he emerged successful in making viewers glued to the screens. He made a powerful impact with the high emotions and expressions in each and every scene. All the scenes are realistically filmed and the director with his narration touched the hearts of all.

He showcased the emotional bonding between lovers, parents, etc in a beautiful manner. The narration is at its best at the climax and pre-climax and not to forget the interval bang. As the viewers are made to travel along with the story, they find it difficult to narrate one scene as the highlight in the film. Overall Dia is a romantic masterpiece as one does not see actors but sees the roles they played in the film.


Ajaneesh did not get an opportunity to showcase his music skills. However, he created a stunning impact with his background music. The background music scored by Ajaneesh forms the soul of the film. He takes viewers into the story touching their hearts. Vishal Vittal and Sourabh Waghmare beautified the film capturing the scenic and natural locations in the most captivating manner using their cinematography skills. Naveen Raj’s editing is near perfect except for few drags here and there. Production values are grand.

Movie Marks

Dia’s indepth love story dazzles.