Dharmendra gets Covid Vaccine shot

Veteran star Dharmendra

Mumbai: Veteran star Dharmendra got himself vaccinated for COVID-19 protection on Friday evening. The 85-year-old actor tweeted a video where he can be seen getting a shot of the vaccine on his left arm.

“Tweet karte karte… josh aa gaya… aur main nikal gaya… vaccination lene… it’s definitely not a show off… but to inspire you all… Friends, please take care (got inspired while tweeting and went off to get vaccination),” Dharmendra tweeted.

He was referring to his tweet earlier in the day that he had posted to remind everyone to wear masks and maintain social distancing after Maharashtra registered a new high in Covid-19 cases the day before.

Dharmendra shared a throwback black-and-white photograph, where he can be seen sitting with sliced watermelons and a knife.

“Mask laga kar baith….. tere tarboz koi nahin kharede ga…….lock down ko lock karna hai ….. to do gaz ki doori aur mask zarori, (wear a mask and sit, nobody is going to buy your watermelons, we have to lock the lockdown, maintain social distance and wear a mask),” Dharmendra captioned his photo.

The actor’s tweet comes a day after Maharashtra registered 25,833 new Covid cases on Thursday, a new high in the state surpassing the previous single-day peak of 24,886 cases registered on September 11 last year.