Chinnari pellikuturu Avika Gor finds love

Avika Gor or chinnari pellikuturu to Telugu audiences is one happy girl these days. Having started her career on television with Chinnari Pellikuturu, she had massive success.

Avika Gor with Milind Chadwani in Goa

Then, Avika Gor started her film career in Telugu with Uyyala Jampala. The film was a success and it got her a few films. She acted in films such as Cinema Choopista Maava, Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada, Lakshmi Raave Maa Intiki, Thanu Nenu among others.

However, given Avika’s girl-next-door looks, she could not hit big time in the industry. She acted in a couple of short films and Hindi films, but she didn’t have much luck there too.

Later she had weight problems and was not seen in films for some time. Though she was seen in Rajugarigadhi 3, it did not do anything for her career.

But now, Avika Gor has a reason to smile. Well, yes, she has found her mate and she has announced the same on social media. Avika Gor is now seeing Camp Diaries CEO Milind Chadwani. Talking about how beautiful her new-found relationship is, Avika has also shared pictured of the twosome.

She says Milind is an answer to her prayers and maintains that she has found true love. Avika further adds that it is not always easy to find a guy who meets all your expectations. But Milind is my dream come true says a visibly elated Avika.

“It’s all like a dream and I wish everyone must go through such an experience. This is a crucial phase of my life,” says the now grown-up chinnari pellikuturu.

However, Avika Gor has made it clear that it is too early for marriage. She says she wants to relish and enjoy the love phase for some more time. We wish her all luck.