Can Ravi Teja Score A Hit With This Movie?

Ravi Teja recently starred in the film ‘Tiger Nageshwara Rao,’ which received a disastrous response. Prior to this, ‘Ravanaasu’ faced similar feedback. He is set to appear next with the film ‘Eagle’ which is set for Sankranthi release. Meanwhile, there’s a buzz surrounding Harish Shankar’s directorial featuring Ravi Teja as the lead.

Freshly, it’s confirmed that Ravi Teja will be the protagonist in a finalized project directed by Anudeep of ‘Jaatiratnalu’ fame. An official announcement is expected shortly, and the movie sets might be ready soon as well.

When it comes to Anudeep’s film, it’s touted to be a complete entertainer. But considering Anudeep’s movie as a lottery transaction isn’t the best notion. ‘Jaatiratnalu’ was a jackpot. Another magic might not work the same way.

Regarding Ravi Teja, he’s been making both intriguing and lacklustre choices in recent story selections. He’s involved in selecting intense narratives and also contributing to dull ones. The collaboration between Anudeep and Ravi Teja might bring some relief in this sequence, but it might also create a mixed bag. Ravi Teja’s film might be a mix of both relief and concern.

Based on insider sources, it’s speculated that within a short period, Anudeep and Ravi Teja will wrap up a film on a limited budget. Exciting times ahead, isn’t it?