BRO Producer Retort To AP Minister

The movie “BRO,” starring Pawan Kalyan and Sai Dharam Tej, released last Friday (July 28) and has received an overwhelming response at the box office, crossing the Rs 100 crore gross mark. While Pawan Kalyan’s presence throughout the film is notable, his character is portrayed more like an extended special appearance without the typical hero elements. However, the film has become a topic of controversy due to a clash between Andhra Pradesh Irrigation Minister Ambati Rambabu and producer TG Vishwa Prasad.

Minister Ambati Rambabu expressed his displeasure during a press meet, claiming that his image has been tarnished by a character named Shyam Babu, which he believes resembles him in the film. He voiced his concerns over being imitated in the movie, which created a buzz in the media.

Rambabu went further and controversially labeled “BRO” as a failure, even using the term “disaster” after its first weekend, despite the film registering strong box office numbers. He also raised questions about the remuneration paid to Pawan Kalyan and the sources of funding used to produce the film, alleging that NRI funds from the US were involved.

Responding to these allegations, Producer TG Vishwa Prasad strongly refuted the financial claims made by the minister, deeming them baseless. He asserted that he is not obligated to respond to such accusations but assured that the figures would be shown in his income tax returns. Vishwa Prasad’s composed yet effective reply received praise, as he clarified that the financial matters are strictly between Zee Studios and their team. He also emphasized that the character of Syam Babu in the film bears no resemblance to Rambabu, dismissing any further connections or insinuations.