Bigg Boss 4: Double Elimination this week? Nagarjuna’s favourite contestants out!

This is the Moment, Right now the heat on rise in the Bigg Boss show. As each member of the household is eliminated week by week, the show is getting tough. Competition is also growing among contestants. There are currently 8 people in the Bigg Boss House. Among them are Abhijeet, Harika, Lasya, Ariana, Monal and Sohel in the nomination to walk out of the house this week. 

There are questions rising on who will be out of the house this week? Among the nominees, the strongest contestants are Abhijeet, Harika, Sohel and Ariana. All four will be saved without a doubt. But the other two are Lasya and Monal on whom the audiences are in doubt as to who will be evicted. 

Another shocking thing is that there will be a double elimination this week. As preparations are underway to send Kumar Sai or Noel back into the house. One of them will be making an entry in Bigg Boss House this week. Hence Bigg Boss is planning to send two contestants out of the house. Even if there is a single elimination Netizens are sure that one of these two Monal or Lasya would be eliminated from the house. Let’s wait to see what happens on the weekend episode.