Bellamkonda Sreenivas’s Gets Trolled By Prabhas Fans

The promotional material for the Hindi remake of Telugu actor Prabhas’ blockbuster film “Chatrapathi” has drawn criticism from his fans. The Hindi version, titled “Hindi Chatrapathi”, features Bellamkonda Sreenivas in the lead role.

The fans are disappointed with the lack of originality and fear that the film may not do justice to the original’s legacy. Some fans have even suggested releasing the original version on YouTube instead of the remake.

This backlash against “Hindi Chatrapathi” highlights the deep passion and loyalty of Indian cinema fans. Fans have a significant influence on the industry, and it is now up to the filmmakers to prove their detractors wrong and create a movie that lives up to the original’s reputation.

Directed by VV Vinayak, the movie’s shooting was wrapped up long ago, but the release has been delayed due to various reasons. When everyone thought, the movie got shelved, the makers surprised by announcing the release date in May this year.