Bandla Ganesh Targets Trivikram Srinivas

Producer Bandla Ganesh’s strained and unfriendly relationship with directors such as Trivikram and Harish Shankar is well-known within the industry and the public. In the past, a voice call from Bandla scolding Trivikram, where he expressed his frustration about not being allowed to attend the pre-release event of “Bheemla Nayak,” had gone viral on social media. However, Bandla later apologized for his actions.

Now, Bandla has once again targeted Trivikram indirectly through his recent tweets, seemingly trolling him. When a netizen expressed their desire to become a producer like Bandla, he responded with an interesting remark, saying, “Meet Guruji and give a costly gift, and it will happen.” It is widely known in the Telugu Film Industry that Trivikram is affectionately referred to as “Guruji.”

Though the exact reasons behind the ongoing tension between Bandla Ganesh and Trivikram, who have never worked together, remain unclear, Bandla continues to indirectly provoke Trivikram through his comments on social media. Bandla didn’t stop at one tweet; he went on to suggest that Trivikram has the ability to separate a husband and wife, father and son, or even a teacher and disciples if he so desires, indicating it as his specialty.