Balakrishna’s powerful take on Mokshagna’s debut

Balakrishna spent his 61st birthday with the cancer patients of Basavatarakam Cancer Hospital, Hyderabad. While interacting with journalists, he talked about his son’s debut on the silver screen.

There was conjecture on Mokshagna not being interested in doing movies, but now Balakrishna revealed that Mokshagna will make a debut and he might direct the movie for him. He further stated that Mokshagna will be seen in Aditya 369 which is his evergreen classic and in this sequel Mokshagna will make a debut. Balakrishna said that he will also be a part of the movie, but it will not be as a father and a son character.

Balakrishna referred to his journey where he was in the beginning casted by his father Sr NTR, and now he would be doing the same for his son Mokshagna. He mentioned that if this movie is not directed by me then in my place the director who directed the original movie will be seen directing the movie.

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