Balakrishna Taking A Big Risk

Nandamuri Balakrishna is currently enjoying a tremendous run in the industry, with all his recent films achieving massive box office success. His talk show, Unstoppable, has garnered rave reviews, and Balayya’s hosting skills have been widely praised. Capitalizing on his popularity, Balakrishna has decided to increase his fee, now charging a whopping Rs 20 crores per film. Furthermore, he has secured nearly 6 advances from various producers and has lined up two new projects.

In an exciting development, Balakrishna is eager to collaborate with veteran director B Gopal, known for delivering several industry hits with the actor. After a long hiatus from filmmaking, B Gopal expressed his desire to direct one final film before retirement, and he shared this wish with Balakrishna. The veteran actor graciously asked him to develop a script and assured him of his commitment to the project.

Currently, B Gopal and a team of young writers are busy working on the script. Once finalized, they will narrate it to Balakrishna. While some may see this as a risky move, given B Gopal’s absence from the industry, Balayya is determined to collaborate with the veteran director despite the availability of numerous young and innovative directors. If all goes well, the project is likely to kick off next year.