Balakrishna Makes Insensitive Comments On ANR Once Again

More than his films, Balakrishna often hogs the news for his behavior. No stranger to controversies, Balakrishna is notorious for his temperamental behavior and how can one forget his slapping spree and sexist remarks?

After his ‘Akkineni Thokkineni’ comments which irked the Akkineni fans, Balakrishna clarified the issue. He said that he was not intended to disrespect ANR but it was just a slip of the tongue. He also said that he doesn’t care about what’s happening in the media.

After giving an explanation, Balakrishna slipped his tongue once again. Recently, he said that fans call their matinee idols as they wish. He said that fans used to call his father ‘NT Vodu’ and ANR ‘Nagi gadu’. Balakrishna further said that it’s just out of love people call their favorite heroes and nothing wrong with it.