Cast: Nani, Nazriya, Naresh, Harshavardhan, Rohini

Director: Vivek Athreya

Producers: Mythri Movie Makers

Natural Star Nani who had a roller-coaster ride in the last few years has pinned all his hopes on the latest release Ante Sundaraniki, a comedy family entertainer. Ever since the movie was announced, it garnered wide attention and the trailer has mounted up the expectations. Being bankrolled by Mythri Movie Makers, the movie has got more mileage. Let’s see how the movie fares at the box-office.


Sundar (Nani) belongs to an extremely orthodox Hindu family and he’s the only male heir in their family. He was brought up with utmost care as he is the only male child in the family. On the other hand, Leela (Nazriya), a Christian girl is an independent woman, who always strives to make a name for herself on her own. What happens when these two contrasting individuals from different religions and beliefs fall in love? Will their families to agree to them getting married? What happens next is the rest of the story.


The movie takes off at snail’s pace and the director Vivek Athreya takes his own time to establish the characters of Sundar and Leela, their family beliefs, and traditions. With these already revealed in the trailers, the introduction to characters seems a bit stretched. The movie’s story is narrated in a non-linear fashion – with the narrative presented from various time periods of Sundar and Leela’s life.  Probably the director has chosen this to better showcase the emotional mind set of the current situation.

Nani once again steals the show and his comedy timing is just impeccable. The episodes between Nani and Naresh is good.



Entire cast performances

Writing by the director


Stretched first half




With an average first half and good second half Ante Sundaraniki is an entertaining movie. A decent watch.