Another Biopic On NTR

After Ram Gopal Varma (RGV) and Teja were dropped from the NTR biopic project, director Krish was brought on board to helm the film. However, despite the grand announcement and high expectations, the two-part biopic failed to perform well at the box office, facing various challenges along the way.

In an exclusive interview recently, director Teja shared insights about his past and upcoming projects, including his experience with the NTR biopic. When asked if he felt disappointed for not being a part of the biopic, Teja responded, “I don’t regret not making a film with Balakrishna. I have already turned down 70 films for various reasons. However, I do regret having to walk out of the NTR biopic because I felt I couldn’t do justice to his extraordinary story.”

Teja further expressed, “Nevertheless, making a biopic on NTR’s life will always be one of my dream projects, which I may attempt someday in the form of a web series. It is incredibly challenging to cast any actor in the role of NTR. But if given the opportunity, I would consider casting Nandamuri Harikrishna’s grandson, who not only bears a striking resemblance to the legendary NTR but also shares the same name.”

Following RGV and Teja’s exit from the project, Krish took over the directorial reins and completed the two-part biopic. Unfortunately, despite the initial hype, the film failed to meet expectations and underperformed at the box office, leading to its lackluster reception.