AM Ratnam’s future in Pawan Kalyan’s hands

AM Ratnam was the top producer during the 1990s. The producer who delivered some of the biggest blockbusters during the 90s also produced Pawan Kalyan’s Kushi. However, fortunes have fluctuated and AM Ratnam is now in deep financial crisis.

The producer has pinned all his hopes on Pawan Kalyan’s Hari Hara Veera Mallu to get him out of the financial crisis. Though the movie’s shooting has begun long back, the shooting been halted several times due to budget constraints.

There were several rumors that the project has been shelved and Pawan Kalyan got busy with the political activities. Now, as per the latest sources, Pawan Kalyan has assured AM Ratnam that he would complete the shooting of the movie in the coming months.

Directed by Krish, the movie is set in the Mughal era in which Pawan Kalyan plays the titular role of a Robinhood kind of thief. Nidhi Agarwal plays the female lead while Arjun Rampal plays the villain in the movie.