Allu Arjun Gets Ready For The Damage Control

Though Allu Arjun was initially branded as the hero from ‘The Mega’ compound. He eventually created his own identity and became one of the biggest superstars of Telugu cinema. Though they have often claimed it’s all well between them, it’s an open secret that there’s a gap between Allu and the Mega family.

The issue all started when Allu Arjun proudly claimed that while every hero has a fan group, he has an Army of his own. Ever since he claimed that ‘Allu Arjun Army’ has targeted the mega heroes and made some derogatory comments which are leading to fan wars.

With the issue going beyond limits and Allu Arvind is concerned, Allu Arjun seems to have decided to meet his fans in February and tell them not to troll the other heroes. He wants to bridge the gap between Allu and the Mega family.