Akhil Akkineni Takes A New Role

Nagarjuna is deeply determined to see his son Akhil become a successful leading actor, and he is investing significant efforts towards achieving that goal. Despite Akhil’s dedication, his previous four movies have failed to meet expectations and received overwhelmingly negative feedback, resulting in disappointment.

Akhil put in considerable effort for his latest film, ‘Agent.’ Unfortunately, even his hard work couldn’t salvage the situation. These circumstances have led to some surprising developments within the Akkineni family.

Recently, it has come to light that Akhil intends to establish his own production banner. However, this does not indicate that he plans to quit acting as a hero. Instead, Akhil desires to carve out a space for himself, allowing him creative freedom and independence.

To that end, he will continue to act as a hero in films with modest budgets, while simultaneously producing movies under his own banner. This approach will provide Akhil with the desired autonomy and opportunities to explore different avenues in the film industry.