Adi Purush Three Times Grander Than Baahubali 2

Adi Purush three times grander than Baahubali 2

The audience from all over the country were mesmerized with the performances of  Pan India Star Prabhas, Hot Hunk Rana, milky beauty Tamannaah, and beautiful Anushka in Bahubali which was directed by Rajamouli. The movie left the people speechless with its grand sets and extraordinary visuals. As of now, no movie has come that can reach the level of grandness that was in Bahubali.

As per the sources, Prabhas’ coming project, Adi Purush will be even grander than Bahubali 2. Internal talk is that Adi Purush is having VFX shots which will be three times more VFX compared to that in Bahubali, and it will be a visual treat for the people.

Adi Purush has more than 8000 VFX-based scenes and most of the movie is based on VFX scenes. In Bahubali 2, Rajamouli had used more than 2500 VFX scenes. Besides this, Om Raut who is the director of Adi Purush is also including motion graphics in the movie.

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