Actress Accuses Netflix India Of “Sexual Harassment”

Musician and TV personality Sakshi Chopra has come forward with serious allegations against the creators of Netflix’s reality show, Social Currency. On social media, she shared her harrowing experience on the program, accusing the producers of breaching her contract and depriving her of food. Sakshi, who is the granddaughter of Moti Sagar, son of Ramanand Sagar, revealed the mistreatment she allegedly faced during her time on the show.

According to Sakshi, her contract included a requirement for a daily phone conversation with her mother. However, when she attempted to expose the misconduct of the show’s creators, her phone was confiscated. She further claimed that the filmmakers compelled her to engage in provocative actions and touch people’s backs in exchange for food.

In a post, Sakshi labeled the situation as “SEXUAL HARASSMENT” at Netflix India and Sol Productions. She explained that Netflix and Chad convinced her to participate in the show, promising a game show with enjoyable activities such as singing and content creation, devoid of gossip or controversy. However, the reality turned out to be different. The contestants were not provided with meals, even behind the scenes, and the promise of daily phone calls from the producers was broken. Sakshi expressed her dismay at being deceived into signing a contract and being confined to a house under such circumstances.

She further expressed her belief that the filmmakers assumed she would tolerate such mistreatment based on her flamboyant clothing. All she desired was music, family, self-expression, and tranquility. Sakshi also mentioned that another participant, referred to as “him,” was left trapped in the house with her. This claustrophobic situation exposed the show’s creators’ lack of moral values and their willingness to go to any extent for sensational entertainment.

When Sakshi attempted to inform her mother, Meenakshi, about her traumatic experience, the producers forcibly took her phone. The response from Netflix and the Social Currency production team regarding these severe allegations is eagerly awaited. This incident raises important questions about the responsibility of reality TV shows and platforms to protect their participants.