Why is Tollywood scared of praising Jagan, unlike KCR?

Tollywood for long has been expecting permission for shootings from the Telangana government headed by CM KCR. However, when it didnot happen, Tollywood celebrities met in Mega Star Chiranjeevi’s house and then led a delegation to meet CM KCR and request him to grant permissions.

This was unlike AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy who without any request from the Tollywood filmmakers and celebrities announced permission for film shoots. Tollywood celebrities showered praises on CM KCR but didnot react in any manner to AP CM Jagan.

This came as a surprise and many are left wondering why is Tollywood scared of praising Jagan, unlike KCR. A producer on anonymity revealed that some producers did not want to hold a press conference praising AP CM Jagan as they fear some celebrities from Telangana opposed it.

Though a few argued that since many celebrities from Tollywood hail from Andhra, it is appropriate to thank Jagan, others opposed as they did not want to make Telangana CM KCR angry because their theatres and properties are in Hyderabad. Some say 80% of the makers will benefit from Jagan’s sops as permissions for shoots in Ap are given within two hours.

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