Rumours over Rajinikanth’s last film

Rumours over Rajinikanth's last film

Super  Star Rajinikanth partake in an immense fan following and he is preparing to excite all his film sweethearts with his forthcoming performer Annathe under the direction of Shiva. The film is scheduled for a fabulous release on November 4, 2021, a Diwali treats for all.

Fans are anticipating that Rajinikanth should declare his next projects. Nonetheless, with him traveling to the US in a mysterious way, reports about his wellbeing escalated. It is realized that Rajini had a kidney transplant in 2016 and from that point he keeps going for regular checkups. He went to the US for an ordinary checkup yet others say his medical condition weakened.

Reports are that Annathe would be Rajini’s last film and he is thinking about perpetual retirement from films. Meanwhile, inside talk is Rajinikanth is wanting to do another film and that could be the last one. As per reports, many films are narrated to him by young directors including Soundarya, his daughter. Now when Rajinikanth will be back from US will we hear an official announcement.

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