India’s 1st COVID vaccine anytime in January, 2021

It’s final. At least that’s what India’s Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan wants us to believe for now. With the turn of the year fast approaching, the Health Minister has stated today morning that, “We will be able to give the first shot in any week of January. Our first priority has always been safety & effectiveness of vaccines. We don’t want to compromise on that.”


Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan says India will administer 1st COVID vaccine any week in January, 2021


The US has started its first batch of corona vaccine to its citizens. However, while the vaccine is now a reality, the efficacy of the drug remains to be seen. Only time will tell as to how the patients will respond to the vaccine and whether or not it prevents corona virus completely.

In India, the government has been massively promoting using of masks and social distancing as the best cure till the vaccine arrives.

Some time back, requests were made by Serum India and Bharat Biotech for EUA (emergency use authorisation), but both appeals were rejected.

However, Dr Harsh Vardhan’s new statement raises hopes among Indians who are anxiously waiting for a cure of the deadly virus.

So the big question would be who will be getting the shots. According to Dr Harsh Vardhan, the government has prioritised nearly 30 crore people for the vaccine. And this humungous number includes health workers, frontline workers like police, military, sanitation staff, people above 50 and those who are below 50, but suffering from other physical conditions.

The union Health Minister clarified that taking the vaccine was completely voluntary, but added that it would be best if one received the complete schedule of COVID-19 vaccine.