How to understand Allu Arjun’s tweets?

Allu Arjun who was often labeled as the ‘Mega’ hero has come out of the ‘Mega’ tag and created his own identity. Of late, there’s a big rumor that it’s not all well between Allu and Chiranjeevi’s family, and strengthening the rumors further, the Allu family has been moving closely with the Nandamuri family.

It all started by introducing Balakrishna as the host for AHA’s talk show and later Allu Arjun heaped praises on Balakrishna’s Akhanda movie. Now, the actor showered lavish praises on Nandamuri Kalyan Ram’s Bimbisara.

Here are Allu Arjun’s tweets:

– “Big congratulations to #Bimbisara team. Very interesting & and engaging fantasy film. Impactful presence by @NANDAMURIKALYAN garu. My respect for him for always bringing in new talent into the industry & attempting new kinds of films”.

– “I appreciate the debut dir @DirVassishta for handling it well. Commendations to all the technicians & artists. Bimbisara: An entertainment for all age groups”

Though Allu Arjun’s tweet is positive, there’s another way to understand it. Though the producer Swapna Dutt of Sita Ramam is a close friend to him, Allu Arjun hasn’t responded to the movie’s success.

Some opine that he intentionally tweeted about Bimbisara after the #MegastarKalyanram campaign started, by indirectly endorsing it.