#BoycottNetflix trending among Indians

#BoycottNetflix is the latest trend on social media circles. It is well-know that Netflix has become the staple of Indian households, more so during the Corona lockdown period.

India’s popular OTT platform

Almost all of India was hooked to various series targeted at the ‘so-called’ cosmopolitan audience. But one thing was very clear from the series that are showcased on the OTT platform. We cannot make a sweeping statement here, but the fact remains that most of the series had an overdose of adult scenes, violence, hatred and other base qualities. Most of the characters were either conniving or caught up in situations that were diabolical.

With the OTT platform clicking with both urban and rural audience, basically with anyone who had access to internet and were willing to pay the subscription charges, the audiences were bombarded with series after series, always revolving around adult content, violence and hate.

Now, it appears that Indians or at least a good section of the audience, have had an overdose of Netflix. Barring some family-safe series, Netflix is now being looked upon as a channel for adult content – unedited and pretty on-your-face kind of plots. And the last straw came in the form of a scene in one of the series, where a Hindu girl is shown kissing a Muslim boy in a temple.

Hence, the backlash has begun for the OTT platform that once siphoned lots of eyeballs from Indians, who were newly introduced to such kind of bold content.

But there is a beginning and an end to everything. At present, it looks like average urban Indians no longer want such extreme content. Presently, people on social media have started a thread — #BoycottNetflix and it is trending superfast.