Vijay Babu quits Janasena, Whats going wrong?

In a major setback to Pawan Kalyan, former RTI Commissioner of United Andhra Pradesh and a key leader of Janasena, Mr.Vijay Babu resigned on Sunday due to personal reasons. The sudden resignation from the Party’s official spokesperson has shocked everyone, raising questions on internal disturbances in Janasena.

Vijay Babu, who joined Janasena in July, was well known for his uncontroversial nature and ability to talk to the point. Party President Pawan Kalyan promoted him to the position of official spokesperson after taking note of his commitment and dedication in work. At a time, when everyone dubbed him as one of the key leaders of Janasena, his sudden resignation has no doubt shocked many. Why did Vijay Babu resign?

The former RTI Commissioner said that he tendered his resignation due to personal reasons. However, there are speculations of internal disturbances inside Janasena. It is rumoured that Pawan Kalyan is more in favour of leaders coming from other parties, which the incumbent leaders are not happy with and forced Vijay Babu to resign. If that was true, Pawan Kalyan has to quickly find a way to solve the downfall.

It is quite common for political leaders to shift parties. And when it happens, it is the responsibility of the senior leaders to make them familiar with the already incumbent leaders and activists…as differences between the new entrants and the existing leaders can prove to be fatal for an emerging party like Janasena. Also, it is the responsibility of Pawan to ascertain on the position of the existing leaders when new entrants are coming into the party. Several intellectuals have joined Janasena due to its main ideology of leading with Young guns. If Pawan chooses to go with winning horses over young leaders, the approach must be rightly balanced and communicated to the party activists to avoid conflict of interests.

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