KCR’s opportunity to make it count

The Central government has taken a massive step by announcing the Economically Backward Class reservation of 10%. This will bypass the 50% limit set by the Supreme Court and hence, the Central government is in a hurry to amend the constitution well before the release of election notification next month.

Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is now eyeing this opportunity to pass his pending reservation bill. The Telangana assembly had passed a resolution to increase reservations to Muslim minorities by 12%. However, the move was stalled by the Centre and the Supreme Court as it crossed the 50% limit. During the election campaigning, PM Modi openly said that his government will not support reservation schemes which are religiously targeted to benefit a political party.

With the Modi government trying to amend the constitution to allocate special reservations under EBC category, KCR is moving his pawns to include the case of Telangana under the same bill. Accordingly, he directed the TRS MPs to fight for the renaming of the bill to accommodate the minority reservations in Telangana.

However, it is highly unlikely for the BJP to favour the Telangana CM’s demand with Prime Minister himself against the move.