RaGa calls Modi a thief!

A couple of days back, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s stated that demonetisation led to a crackdown on several shell firms. This was in response to Congress leaders staging protests on the second anniversary of demonetisation. Congress party’s take was that BJP’s claims of demonetisation eradicating fake currency, black money, terrorism is nothing but a scam.

Rahul Gandhi replied to PM’s tweet as follows:

“The PM’s latest Demonetisation barf is, “Shell Firms”. Ironically, the only “Shell” firms identified after the great Demonetisation tragedy are: JAY SHAH’S Temple Enterprises, PIYUSH GOYAL’s Flashnet, ANIL AMBANI’S Reliance Airports. It takes a thief to know a thief.”

According to the Congress Party President, all the Shell firms that were identified are supporters of BJP and Modi. He used an old saying that goes as only a thief can identify another thief. Good catch, Rahul! But didn’t you just confirm that Modi has pulled out corrupt firms even though their owners supported his party?

Looks like Modi followed the old saying – “One scabbed sheep mars the whole flock”!