“Yevam” Unveils Bharatraj’s Commanding Look As Police Officer Abhiram

Telugu cinema enthusiasts eagerly anticipate films with compelling content, and Director Prakash Dantuluri’s “Yevam” promises just that with its innovative narrative and stellar cast including Chandini Chaidari, Vashishta Simha, Bharatraj, and Ashu Reddy. Recently, the film’s makers, Navadeep and Pawan Goparaju, unveiled the character looks of Chandini Chaudhary, Ashu Reddy, and Vashishta Simha, igniting excitement among fans. Now, the spotlight shifts to Bharatraj, portraying the formidable police officer Abhiram, seen in a commanding stance with determination, generating further anticipation for the film’s release.

Bharatraj’s portrayal of Abhiram adds another layer of intrigue to the film, with the character set to leave a lasting impression on audiences. With a blend of captivating storytelling and fresh content, “Yevam” aims to redefine cinematic conventions and offer a refreshing viewing experience.

As anticipation mounts for the release of “Yevam,” audiences can expect a cinematic journey that resonates with themes of empowerment, coupled with immersive storytelling and stellar performances.

Cast: Chandini Chaudhary, Vashishta Simha, Bharatraj, Ashu Reddy, Jai Bharat, Goparaju Ramana, Deviprasad, Kalpita, and others.

Technical Team:
Director: Prakash Dantuluri
Producers: Navadeep, Pawan Goparaju
Cinematography: SV Visveshwar
Music: Keertana Seshu, Nilesh Mandalapu
Editor: Sujana Addusumilli
Executive Producer: Raju Penmetsa