Why Is Deepikia Ignoring Ranveer?

Deepika Padukone is currently in the spotlight for her recent belly dance in a coffee ad, which has gone viral and garnered much praise from fans. In the ad, Deepika and Karan Johar are seen chatting on a couch, with Purab Kohli entering and requesting a cold coffee. Deepika then proceeds to show off her belly dancing skills as she makes the coffee, while Purab continues to dream about her dancing. Meanwhile, Karan makes the coffee in a mixer and wakes up Purab from his dream.

However, in a recent video, Deepika is seen ignoring her husband Ranveer Singh’s hand when he tries to help her out of a car. Some fans have speculated that there may be issues between the couple, with one suggesting that their body language has changed and that they may have had a fight. Another fan commented that Deepika seems to disrespect Ranveer because she thinks she is a bigger star than him, while yet another fan feels that something is amiss as Ranveer is not liking her posts and she is not holding his hand, suggesting that their romance may have ended soon.