The pitiable state of a star director

The film industry and fashion professions are full of uncertainties and it gives stardom within no time and at the same time snatches it within the blink of the eyelid.

According to the sources, a Tollywood director with his talent made many super hit and blockbuster comedy capers and attained superstardom. There was a time when he drew around a whopping Rs 7-8crs.

However, things changed quickly as he tasted flops in the recent past. Now he is in a pitiable condition. Inside talk is he is coming with a sequel for his super hit film and he is getting a mere Rs 1 lakh as the remuneration. For his earlier film, he got Rs 2-3 lakhs but since the film bombed at the box office, no production house is willing to pay him more than one lakh. It has to be seen whether the director can revive his career by scoring a resounding hit with the superhit sequel.

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