Rajini’s secret acts in disguise revealed

Super Star Rajinikanth is popular for his helping nature. People close to Rajini reveal that many times he does secret acts in disguise.

Rajini often meets his friend Raj Bahadur in Bengaluru who helped him a lot during his early days. He along with him walks through the lanes of Bengaluru disguising himself as an old man wearing torn and unwashed clothes.

Both revisit their old memories by purchasing bondas, hot bajjis at a shop in Guttali, and sitting at Uma Theatres. They later have a tea near the tea stall and get a parcel of Biryani from Ramanna Hotel, Balepata and have it going to Gangadhara park.

Rajbahadur revealed that Rajini during those times when he watches an old woman unable to carry the logs helps her by placing it on her head and the moment she goes forward, he ties some money to her saree. He does in a similar way to an old man, a scavenger and with the amount he gives, they can easily acquire bungalows. Raj Bahadur says, Rajini also presents his wife and children many gifts.