Pawan takes sensational decision

Power Star Pawan Kalyan chief of Jana Sena is known for his sensational decisions. He surprises all with his actions and inactions. With the relaxation of lockdown norms, many expected him to wrap up his comeback film Vakeel Saab, a remake of PINK of which only limited portion is left behind. But instead, Pawan surprised all with his acts.

According to sources, Pawan decided to stay away from politics and films and instead turn spiritual. He decided to follow the difficult Chaturmasya Deeksha. His close aides say he has taken this decision to pray for the benefit of all as the corona virus pandemic is increasing with each passing second.

He started Deeksha on Wednesday which happens to be Toli Ekadasi. He will continue the Deeksha for four months. During these four months, he will stay away from nonveg and have only milk and fruits. The Deeksha starts on Ashada Shukla Ekadasi and ends on Kartika Shukla Ekadasi and on the final day he will perform a homam. Sources say Pawan may perform Chandi Homam for the benefit of the entire world. 

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