Balakrishna announces Aditya 369 Sequel


Natasimham Nandamuri Balakrishna’s socio-dream movie Aditya 369 finished 30 years after it was released. Because of the uncommon make, the film is viewed as a work of art. Be that as it may, the movie’s execution of the film topped at ‘Average’ those days.

It’s well-known that Balakrishna will, himself, direct the sequel of Aditya 369. Mokshagna will make his appearance as a hero.

As indicated by a rumour, the sequel’s title has been affirmed as ‘Aditya 999 Max’. Also, the movie will be released in 2023. Accordingly, the shoot for the movie will start from 2022.

Balakrishna is at present working for his Akhanda directed by Boyapati Srinu. The film is conveying respectable publicity because of the mix frenzy. It has to be seen in the coming days as to further detail regarding this venture. The curiosity is rising on this project as it is a sequel of a movie Aditya 369 whose execution was appreciated.

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