Thegimpu Movie Review & Rating

Cast: Ajith, Manju Warrier, John Kokken, Nayana Sai, and others

Director: H Vinoth

Kollywood superstar Ajith Kumar made his debut as a hero with the Telugu movie Prema Pusthakam and emerged as a superstar in Tamil movies. He had a huge following in Telugu in the mid and late 90s with movies like Aasha Aasha Aasha and Prema Lekha. However, Ajith hasn’t concentrated much on Telugu movies and his movies hardly got dubbed here while his contemporary heroes Vikram, Surya, and Vijay have been eyeing the Telugu market. Ajith’s latest movie Thunivu dubbed in Telugu as Thegimpu got released and let’s see what the movie is all about.


A criminal mastermind and his team form a plan and commit bank robberies across the city, but the motive for their heists remains mysterious. Ajith, Kanmani (Manju Warrier), and their gang, of three more members (Amir, Pavni, and City), are the robbers who work on a contract basis. They have an excellent track record.

They are extremely talented and well aware of the best technology, arms, and everything a hi-fi thief needs. One day, Ajith and his gang get approached to carry out a mission to rob Your Bank, headed by Krish (John Kokken). Though Ajith and his team are not willing to accept the offer, the situation lures them in and they unearth a huge scam. What’s the situation and what happened next is the rest of the story.


Ajith and H Vinoth collaborated earlier for Nerakonda Paarvai, and Valimai. Their third combination has set expectations high for the movie. The movie’s strength lies in the plot. It exposes how bank customers are taken for a ride and struggle later. The movie also reveals some of the dark secrets of the banks, the uncertainty of money, and how people get manipulated in the name of schemes.

Though the movie has a detailed script, it has its own flaws in place. There are some illogical loopholes. The movie’s screenplay should have been crispier and more engaging. The lack of emotional connection in the flashback episodes is another drawback of the movie.


On the whole, Thegimpu is a movie that brings back the Ajith fans who enjoyed it in the past. However, with too many loopholes and dragged screenplay, the movie is just an okay watch with huge reservations.