Manchu Vishnu On Relations With Chiranjeevi

Manchu Vishnu on relations with Chiranjeevi

Manchu Vishnu who won the MAA elections and became its new president, speaking to scribes spoke about his family’s relations with Chiranjeevi. Vishnu said “He’s still close to Dad. It did pinch me a little. But in my mind, I’ve been like ‘Probably, I’ll win it and be appreciated for the work I do’. And I am meeting him soon. As for the equation our families share, I am sure it’ll be stronger now.”

Manchu Vishnu earlier said Chiranjeevi called his dad Mohan Babu and asked him to withdraw from the contest. He even said that though Ram Charan shares good relation with him, he wouldn’t have voted for him as he follows his dad Chiranjeevi.

Manchu Vishnu on his dad Mohan Babu’s so called powerful comeback said “Dad knows when to step back. He’s like a great leader, who has a clear vision and knows where he has to act. If you noticed, through the entire campaign, I was the only one talking; Dad never spoke though he helped me in the background.”

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